Thursday, January 15, 2009

Opening Weekend

I'm on the run so I won't say much: here is a photo montage from the show. It provides a little taste of the final product. We took many of the photos for the press, so they're also examples of what we think make for good press photos. What makes for a good press photo? RC Staab, my friend, fellow playwright, and ad man for the SJ Mercury News says: "you should have at least two photos, one that is horizontal for tabs like Sunday's Datebook -- 5x7 is fine -- and one that is a strong vertical for ROP (when you think about, papers are strongly vertical). A third photo, more square -- black space around -- would also be good." Of course he told me this after I took my pics.

So far both our Friday and Saturday performances on opening weekend sold out-- despite having not been listed in the Chronicle (thanks Chron, the only thing worse than poor service is unreliable service). Tonight's performance also appears that way headed....

Get your tickets while they're hot:

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