Friday, December 16, 2011

The First Read Through

Our first week is done. And I have to say, I'm honored by the actors who are contributing their talent to this production. After a week of table-work, I'm deeply impressed by the level of empathy they hold, their ability to step inside the characters and see the world from their perspective.

Table-work is always a bit challenging for me; I'm never as helpful-- or insightful-- in a chair as I am up on my feet. We've spent an entire week doing it (our only week of rehearsals in December). The cast has been, let's say... patient with me.

I usually do a video montage of our first read (that'll appear on our Elite Pass pages soon). This time, a few images:

The majority (and best) of these were shot by Olya Gary.
And remember, it's never to early to buy Tickets!

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