Monday, August 6, 2012

A KISS to Remember

Like any great love affair, sometime things just come together perfectly... and then they spin off into chaos and you struggle to draw the pieces back together, dust them off, and re-find the magic.  That's what pre-production for Kiss of the Spider Woman has been like.  One of those times that drive me to slide my copy of Slings and Arrows (the brilliant Canadian TV series about theatre) back into the DVD player for a little perspective. 

After a stormy production week, the sun has emerged I'm beginning to feel that magic in the air.  It was nicely topped with our first read thru of Kiss, which opens September 7th at The Phoenix.  Most people know Kiss of the Spider Woman as an award-winning musical or an Oscar nominated film.  But before any of these incarnations, it was a highly controversial novel written in response to the Dirty War in Argentina and the misunderstanding and oppression of gays and lesbians.  The dramatic version, seductive, subversive, and at times sublime, more closely follows the novel.  And to this classic of the stage, we invite you....

Here are some quick and dirty images from our First Read Thru yesterday.

Kiss of the Spider Woman
September 7-29, 2012
The Phoenix Theatre
414 Mason St., SF
(415) 335-6087

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