Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Wrap

It's all over. My film director and photographer Richard Enriquez put together a timelapse photography video of the tear down and load-out... a fitting wrap to the process. Recently, I heard an interview about copywrite law. Issues of what is public domain and private/commercial domain are fascinating to me, but I was also drawn to the idea of what is permanent and what is ephemeral. Movies, music recordings, and books are all (essentially) permanent; theatre is ephemeral. And as much as I will miss this show and everyone in it, there's something beautiful in the fact that it has a lifespan, that it will persist only as feeling and memory. I decided that this blog, which was designed as a rough and tumble, unpolished diary, should also have a limited life. So come March, I'll be taking it down. Should Second Wind decide to blog another project, it may reappear. So, as au revoir:

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