Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Make the Most of Your Evening

Coming to see The Lullaby Tree?  Here are five great tips to get the most out of your evening.

Ease Your Parking Pains

What's the best way to find street parking near the theatre?  It's simple:  get dinner before the show.  Between 3 and 6pm there's no street parking downtown during weekdays).  If you arrive promptly at 5.40pm, you can park on the street for free-- the meter maids are usually gone for the day (though some people stay in their cars and chat until 6pm, just to be safe).  That leaves plenty of time for a relaxing dinner.  That leaves plenty of time for a relaxing dinner.  On weekends, there's no simple system, but there's always better parking at 5:30 than 7:40pm. 

Wet Your Whistle at the Theatre

Second Wind believes that you shouldn't be gouged for a glass of wine or a cookie just because you'rein the theatre, so we keep the lowest prices in town.  Have a glas of Viogner or Zin for just $3, or $1.50 with our All Access Pass.  We recommend arriving 20 minutes before the show for the best seast sand a little relaxation.

Make Sure Your Smart Phone is Smart

Second Wind is the only company in the Bay Area that includes QR Codes in our programs.  Watch behind-the-scenes- videos with your smart phone.  To do so, you'll need a free QR Reader.  Many phones come with one pre-loaded, but you can always download one from your phone's App Store for free.

Running Late?  Plan B:

If you're running a little late to the show, we recommend the Stockton Street Garage.  It's one of the cheapest in the area, and about three blocks away at Stockon and Bush (or Stockton and Post, there are two entrances).  When you arrive at the theatre, buy a drink when you pick up your ticket.  You can take it into the theatre.  If the show has already started, we do allow late seating, but the concessions bar will be closed.

Get the Best Seats

Like many small venues, we are general seating, first come-- first serve.  There's really not a bad seat in the house, but if you want your pick, arrive about 20 minutes early.  We don't open the house until about then, so you'll never be left with the odd seats.

Running Time?

The Lullaby Tree has a running time of 90 minutes.  There is no intermission.

Got Tickets?

If you don't grab them in advance at Brown Paper Tickets!


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