Monday, January 18, 2016

Kicking Everything Off with Jerusalem

Last night was the first read-thru of Jez Butterworth's Jerusalem, and oh-man-oh-man.  This is going to be a ride.  Even around the table, the play is funny, visceral, and gut-wrenching.  And complicated.  Very complicated-- both to stage, with songs, dancing, fights, and a Shakespearian sense of movement through the woods, but also to understand.  There are layers upon layers, and so many different ways to appreciate the drama.  Comedy.  Drama.  Whatever.

As always, we kick off the rehearsal process with lots and lots of food.

But more than kicking off our rehearsal process, we're also kicking off this round of blog posts.  For the next 12 weeks we'll be sharing tips, insights, inspiration, new perspectives, ground-breaking ideas, and everything theatre.  So come on back.

And here's the first heads up: for the next three days, our ticket prices are 30% off their regular price as a part of our Early Bird Special.  But come Friday, they're going up, so grab your now:

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