Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From Meadowland to The Woman In Black

As of 8:54 on Tuesday, September 8th, Second Wind's behind the scenes video blog is back! As a courtesy-- and because we decided that this new installment of our blog would focus more on skill-building tools for small theatres-- we've included all of the old posts from our January 2009 production of Meadowland. We haven't been dark all that time. We co-produced a one-act play called Marked ably directed by Richard Enriquez and written by up-and-coming SF playwright Cassandra Lewis as a part of the Bay One Acts Festival. We also presented the staged reading of my new play, The Tender King, and redesigned the 2nd Wind website to make it more interactive-- a project we're still building upon. And we've been in pre-production for our Fall show.

On October 23rd, Second Wind will open its production of The Woman in Black at The Phoenix Theatre in San Francisco. From now until then we'll be posting a behind-the-scenes look at the production process, along with some of the "how to's" of production. The Woman in Black is an autumn spine-tingler, the perfect Halloween night out-- and one of the most famous theatrical ghost stories in history. It's also a wonderful celebration of the art of theatre and story-telling. Tickets are on sale now, so snatch them up while you can at www.secondwindtheatre.com

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