Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Jerusalem's Open!

This was one amazing, exhausting, wild process-- exactly, maybe, as it should be for a play such as Jerusalem.  Jez Butterworth's lopsided masterpiece draws craziness to it like a magnet.  But the set-- which includes a camper we cut into three pieces and then re-assembled in the space-- is beautiful.  The costumes (designed by Scarlett Kellum) are rich and quirky.  The sound will get you dancing in your seats.  The lights (almost a 100 cues for a show that takes place outside during daytime) takes you on a journey.  During tech, we had photographer Olya Gary come take some photos, and that's what I'm sharing here today.

by Jez Butterworth
Directed by Misha Hawk-Wyatt

March 4-26, 2016
The Phoenix Theatre,
414 Mason St., San Francisco, CA
(415) 355-6087

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