Monday, December 14, 2015

Jerusalem Auditions, Casting and More!

Casting a show with 14 characters (and a minimum of 12 actors) is a monster of an activity.  In the past I've shared a few tips about auditions and casting, but sometimes only brute perseverance can help you.  Some of our actors spent four hours at callbacks.  Only to be called back for a second round.  In all, we held five casting calls of various types over the course of a month.  But in the end we found a stellar cast:  Tyler Barns, Emily Carson, Stefin Collins, Michael DiMartini, Matt Harvey, Grace Ingland, Becky Raeta, Nickolas Rice, Natalie Walker, and Ian Walker as Johnny Rooster.  You can check out our promo above and out show image below....

Now that we 're back in production, you can expect more theatre tips, insights, resources, and updates!

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